We are looking for champions to achieve our mission.

We're driven by Optimism, Openness and Innovation for a better world.

We are looking for champions to achieve our mission.

We're driven by Optimism, Openness and Innovation for a better world.

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Currently we are having an excellent group of Data Scientists, Technologists, Behavioural Scientists, Filmmakers, Neuroscientists, Creative Artists and more.



We know our culture is the foundation for future innovations. We practice an open culture where we encourage our resources, partners and clients to collectively work on  social innovations.

Current Opportunities

Are you passionate about making Social Impacts through Social Innovations?

We are looking for a Philanthropy Specialist who works independently and has a deep passion about making a difference to the lives through quality education, helping them get the same opportunities as any of the other children.


The candidate should be energetic, enthusiastic, innovative, and willing to work with our start-up ecosystem and manage educational projects. The person should be ambitious and have strategic thinking towards building a small team and scaling up the program to expand the reach and students. 


The candidate must have experience and expertise working with non-profits, modern educational practices, monitoring, evaluating progress and motivating the team to raise their self-confidence and overall performance. The candidate must be proactive in finding unique and creative ways of developing strategies and delivery, with the ability to work with limited resources to come up with practical but cost effective solutions. 


If this sounds like you, please apply and we can a conversation to see if we are aligned. 



  • Collaborate and build a good relationship with stakeholders such as the educationalists, school teachers, non-profits, local community to ensure effective participation, cooperation and implementation of the program. 
  • Manage the project in terms of administration, finances, program delivery, and assessment.
  • Assess the effectiveness of the program by collecting, analysing and reporting the operational and evaluation data.
  • Take initiatives to improve the quality of education and pedagogy for the overall excellence in student outcome.
  • Identify learning apps, new methodologies, better learning content, etc to develop a rich learning material that is unique, modern, cost-effective and yet enjoyable and effective in driving academic excellence.
  • Develop, coach and manage teachers through essential activities such as Classroom Observations, feedback, and aligned need-based learning experiences.
  • Create specific and customised support strategies based on teachers’ and classroom needs.
  • Build capacity in teachers to use a wide range of data (qualitative and quantitative) to analyse progress to goals, evaluate and increase the effectiveness.
  • Heavily promote extra-curricular activities and ensure students are involved in competitions in sports, arts, music and crafts, exhibitions, etc.
  • Organize volunteers for regular interaction and coaching of students.



  • At least 1-2 years in managing an entire program independently. A minimum of two years’ experience in a non-profit organisations with a strong track record of building projects is a plus. 


Preferred Qualification:

  • MSW or MBA with specialisations.


Additional Requirements:

  • Fluency in reading, writing and speaking in English.
  • Ability to lead self and others to develop and scale the program.
  • Decision making and judgment and independent working capacity.
  • People orientation and drive towards coaching and learning.
  • Strong public relation skills and some social media marketing awareness.
  • Quantitative abilities, data collection, analytical skills, and reporting skills.


Location: Bangalore, India.

Please mail your resumes to  careers [at] syne.org 


About SYNE Foundation:

SYNE Foundation is the CSR arm of SYNE, a start-up working on crowd sourcing models for social wellness. We work with our partner non-profits to create social impacts.

Are you passionate about learning human behaviour, brain and mind process to generate business models?

We are looking for a Behavioral Scientist to join our behavioural science team. In addition to a graduate-level background in a quantitatively oriented behavioral science discipline, you should be capable of conceptualizing theoretically plausible interventions, collecting and analyzing relevant data, and communicating your findings to diverse audiences.


Required Qualifications:

  • Applicants should have a PhD or Masters in a behavioural science discipline (behavioural economics, cognitive or social psychology, neuroscience, sociology or a related discipline).
  • Strong foundation in data collection, statistical inference, and the application of advanced causal modeling methods.
  • Experience with experimental and quasi-experimental design and analysis.
  • Expertise with data analysis languages such as R and/or Python.
  • Strong informal and formal communication skills. A cross-functional collaborator.
  • A well-rounded researcher. Can collaboratively move a project from a nascent idea through to actionable data-driven recommendations.



  • 2+ years of applied industry experience.
  • Experience with behavioural science design and analysis (specifically for the purposes of experimental and/or quantitative analysis).
  • Experience with time-series data, including longitudinal regression models.
  • Experience with NLP and/or machine learning methods.


Location: Sydney, Australia

Please mail your resumes to careers [at] syne.org


The number of people donating money to NGOs is expected to be 2.5 billion by 2030, ie. 29% of the World Population.