Welcome to the future of Philanthropy

Collectively we can change this World.

Welcome to the future of Philanthropy

Collectively we can change this World.

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Collectively we can change this World. To achieve this mission, we are synergizing Social Innovations using Collective Intelligence.


SYNE Foundation connotes  an interaction or cooperation of organisations, producing an effect greater the sum of their separate effects. The words ‘A better lively planet’ captures our vision and forms the crux of our existence leading to our mission statement ‘ Collectively we can change this World – to achieve this by synergizing human-machine brilliance and collective intelligence’

Our mission is based on the three pillars – Existence, Educate and Growth.

  • Existence refers to Life; on land and water.
  • Educate; here we focus on literacy, arithmetic and coding.
  • Growth refers to overall prosperity; Economic Growth achieved using Technology as a tool.

We help fund raisers and investors create thoughtful, effective philanthropy using Behavioral Science with Collective Intelligence.

What We Do

We at SYNE Foundation are focused on our core pillars to make this planet a better place helping social donors and investors create thoughtful, effective philanthropy using Behavioral Science and Data within the Collective Intelligence framework.

We do this by providing philanthropic initiatives, by incubating innovative and early-stage non-profits and donor collaborative and by sharing insights and producing approaches, strategies and practices.

We believe that technology sharing advances the philanthropic sector and we engage with emerging topics in order to drive innovation. We ensure that our trusted partners create philanthropic best practices and insights on issues of strategic importance to different sectors.

How We Do

SYNE Foundation works with partners to provide best practices, facilitating fund raising for achieving the mission goals, partnering organisations and corporates to develop innovative approaches and deliver social innovations to the needy. We invest in developing social innovations to help in solving these problems, in turn creating social impact.

At SYNE, we have pledged 2% of our resources’ time, licenses and profits for venture philanthropy. We help translate ideas and intentions into a program that charts a clear path to the desired social impact. We practice a collaborative, iterative process that helps assess current approach and build consensus from key stakeholders around a shared vision for the future.


Human Brains and 10x Machines.
Currently we are having a mix of Data Scientists, Technologists, Behavioural Scientists, Film Makers, Neuroscientists, Lawyers, Social Leaders, Creative Artists and more.


Social sector enterprises face great difficulty when attempting to grow exponentially the reach of their impact into new markets.