Network with great minds to solve world problems.

Enabling teams to amplify Positive Social Change.

Network with great minds to solve world problems.

Enabling teams to amplify Positive Social Change.

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How does one bring to bear the power of digital technology to reshape how we address the very real problem of hunger, faced by 795 million people in the world. We have developed a crowdsourcing platform for start-ups, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, companies and anyone-who aspires to create solutions with the crowd to power to transform the world a better place.


Extraordinary opportunities emerge when people and devices connect. We call it as impact of Collective Intelligence created by humans and machines. Connectivity and innovation in technology are transforming how organisations and governments operate. The challenge now lies in learning to leverage the exponential technologies to develop creative solutions that will address some of our toughest real-world problems.

Poverty and its associated concerns of hunger and limited access to education, sanitation and housing; a dangerously changing climate; and pressure on natural resources, especially water and food, can be solved with affordable technological solutions in increasingly shorter time-frames. Tech innovations are extending the reach of education with low-bandwidth videos, measuring the level of pathogens in the environment through a smartphone-based disease detection platform, and monitoring the life of village pumps with sensors. Nearly 45% of the world’s population don’t have access to the internet, which means almost half of all humanity lacking the life-changing benefits that connectivity can bring, from access to better health and education to the enabling of jobs and financial services.

The impact of these problems will require governments, non-profit organisations, enterprises and individuals to act in new ways. Startups and governments exploring technology as a way to change social norms and empower millions around the world will need to be backed by technology. This will help technology developers scale their solutions, address new markets and build digital businesses.

At SYNE, we aim to create an open platform fixing some of the pressing social problems, which reflects our commitment to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals set by United Nations. We are always on the lookout and partnerships for tomorrow’s innovators, entrepreneurs and those who are looking to change the world and who are eager to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

Nearly 45% of the world’s population don’t have access to the internet, which means almost half of all humanity lacking the life-changing benefits that connectivity can bring.

We must treat cybersecurity as a public good. Cybersecurity underpins trust in, and thus the adoption of, digital technologies for humanitarian and environmental purposes. The lack of effective cybersecurity measures has a potential knock-on effect on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and on the development of information societies around the globe. Two aspects are particularly relevant: stability and trust. Without effective security measures in place, cyberthreats may undermine the stability of information societies, making digital technologies a source of risk more than a source of development.

A lack of security around digital technologies will erode users’ trust, which will in turn cripple adoption and hinder innovation. Cybersecurity is an essential resource of information societies and improving it is vital to fostering societal development, technological progress, and harnessing the potential of digital technologies to deliver outcomes that are beneficial to society.

Cybersecurity can function as a public good if its costs are shared equitably among the relevant stakeholders. Managing cybersecurity as a public good would also yield three important advantages: systemic approaches to security, shared responsibilities among the different stakeholders, and fostering collaboration.

At SYNE, we are working towards a program that will create the crowd cyber operators, a group of volunteers who dedicate part of their free time to raise awareness among children, teenagers, parents, and teachers about good practices on the internet and social networks. The objective is to create a social conscience on the importance of cybersecurity. By contributing to improve the digital market, promoting responsible use, and taking preventive measures that can soon put an end to the threat of cybercrime.

Technology Innovations

One of the most efficient ways to sustainably reduce poverty globally and promote shared prosperity is to identify ways in technology innovation.


Cyber Security

Framing cybersecurity as public good would be decisive for the attainment of human prosperity, to improve the overall security of our societies.


Privacy & Data

Data for social good, in which people and organisations transcend boundaries to use data to improve society and privacy in the social frame.



Most innovators, entrepreneurs and start-ups think they’re building the next big thing. In reality, 90% of them fail for different reasons. To create the best innovation, the most important thing is to stay focused on your End Users, Product and Team.


At a global level, cybercrime causes multibillion dollar losses to business; the average cost of cybercrime for an organization has increased from $11.7 million in 2017 to $13.0 million today.