Unified Platform
for Social Impact

We’re working towards a future where all our actions are resulting in collective sustainable impact. To achieve, SYNE connects individuals, start-ups, not-for-profits and corporates with our unified financial technologies platform.

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Unified Platform

Bridging gaps between creativity,
intelligence and innovation.

SYNE is focused to solve some of the biggest challenges in the world by
connecting innovative business organisations with our Unified Platform to
bridge accounting, payments, impact investing, identity and social impact.

SYNE enables enterprise solutions for global suppliers to lessen
environmental and social impact to position for a better growth; explore
the SYNE ecosystems for suppliers, ESG measurements and supplier risk.

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Personal. Non-Profits. Startups. Business.


Get 1%
Cash back

when you use your SYNE account to pay for Social Impact.


Get 1%
Cash back

when you use your SYNE account to pay for Social Impact.



Personal. Non-Profits. Startups. Business.

Unified Platform

Neo-Banking. Capital.
Social Impact.

Privacy and Security

Your Choices.
Your Data.
Your Business.

Tools to help you make healthy financial choices.

Designed for Developers

World's most powerful and easy to use APIs.

SYNE APIs are the easiest way for teams and organisations to connect with financial accounts - web applications, mobile apps or other integrated systems. SYNE system implementation is quick - with just a few lines of code.

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API reliability

APIs from SYNE operate with 99.9% uptime. They are highly scalable and confirm to the highest compliance standards, ensuring safety and security in transactions.


Financial information is extremely confidential, making it one of the pillars around which the products, policies and practices from SYNE are designed.

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Unified solution rooted in Code, Data and Design

SYNE ensures that its practices remain free from financial complexity ensuring transparency
and financial well-being of our partners. SYNE works with financial institutions, regulators,
payment networks and organisations, enabling partners concentrate on their core business.

Sustainable Finance

SYNE aims to bridge the digital financial services infrastructure and enables funding, savings, lending, banking and investments.


Supply chains become more complex and interconnected, hence identifying social impact of your business is extremely important.

Impact Investing

SYNE helps identify investors and entrepreneurs, with a passion for building future innovations and a readiness to invest.

Social Impact

SYNE connects innovative not-for-profits and business enterprises to accelerate sustainable social impact for a better world.

Built for your success

SYNE provides a steady backbone, ensuring partners can derive from its expertise. We help partners create entire financial life with a single source of truth and connects with spend, save, invest and impact systems.


The SYNE pledge

SYNE has pledged 2% of its licenses, employee time and financial profits to create sustainable social impact.


Currencies supported

SYNE supports transactions in over 100+ currencies through trusted, safe and secure payment networks.

1 Tn

One Trillion

SYNE gives special focus on the global impact investing market to enable social impact and empower social enterprise.


24x7 Coverage

SYNE operations are spread worldwide across 4 continents in 7 countries, providing 24/7 support in 26 countries.

Ready to get started?

Experience counts for everything and SYNE ensures it happens by weaving technology with human touch, providing partners their requirements in digital financial services.

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Know what you pay

SYNE ensures a borderless financial services platform fully dedicated in building communities and provides customised solutions – distinct in their own ways.

SYNE Careers

SYNE is yet to spread its wings – we are a start-up with a growing team. Presently our team comprises of talented individuals, dedicated to our philosophy.