Accelerate Savings with Behavioral Data.

SYNE helps all types of organizations transform their procurement and facilitates savings using data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Irrespective of the complex nature of different businesses, SYNE has the capabilities and experience to deliver actionable insights required to move forward.

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Procurement Intelligence

Enterprise Procurement and Compliance teams are always under pressure to deal with an increasing variety of market changes and now , it is even more important for companies to proactively monitor supplier relationships since third-party risk exposure is getting rapidly impacted by complexity as well as diverse, complicated regulations.

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Risk Intelligence

Predictive risk can solve complex challenges with suppliers across industries and support strategic decision-making.

Cognitive Analytics

Fraudsters are being innovative
leading to success in financial
crimes, revenue leakages and compliance risk.

Supplier Benchmarking

SYNE combines spend data with external market price developments, enabling benchmarking of market trends.

Procurement Analytics

AI-powered classification, combined with extensive procurement expertise, helps in gaining value from supplier

SYNE - bridging gaps between Creativity, Intelligence and Innovation.

SYNE works closely with global suppliers helping businesses lessen their environmental and social impact
and position themselves for strong growth. SYNE helps top companies design, engineer and deploy
procurement intelligence ecosystems based on machine learning and behavioral science.

Climate Change

Businesses need to shift their focus to include their supply chains, where the biggest climate risks and opportunities are found.

Modern Slavery

SYNE engages directly with suppliers and ensures that their supply chains remain
free from human rights violations at every level.

Social Impact Measurements

Supply chains become more complex and interconnected, hence identifying social impact of your business is extremely important.

Supplier Forecasting

SYNE helps in prediction and improvement of future profitability from suppliers,
linked to real spends and purchase price data.

Digital Contracts

SYNE helps leverage more value out of contract lifecycle by combining spend data and market insights with the most intuitive contract management methodologies.

Procurement Analytics

SYNE helps transform your supplier information and spend data into insights and action through rigorous analysis, visualisation and predictive modeling.

How to get Started?

Evaluating cost savings and leakages remains the top priority of the procurement function.
In large enterprises, even a 5-10% reduction through cost savings can yield millions in
profit/savings hugely impacting the profitability.

One method to lower costs is to re-evaluate total costs related to the acquisition of products
and services (TCO – Total cost of ownership). SYNE helps organizations explore ways to
reduce the total cost of ownership on existing or upcoming contracts and RFPs.

Vivent Foundation adopts direct as well as recurring payment methods to raise funds for its social impact projects. Vivent makes use of the social giving network to manage subscriptions and transactions as well as to view detailed financial reports directly from the dashboard.

Leverage Supplier Intelligence to Reduce Costs

SYNE helps synergize humans and machines to redefine Procurement Intelligence.

What We Do

SYNE identifies and extracts supplier intelligence from spend data, best-in-class risk information and contract intelligence from master agreements to work orders as well as leakages in billing, pricing and advanced pricing models for RFPs.

Pairing with technology and subject matter experts to help analyze data from the supply chain, SYNE helps you take informed decisions with transparency, and find the biggest opportunities to improve sustainability in business.

How We Do

SYNE determines the effect of existing and new suppliers on your supply chain by using advanced data modelling. When buyers and suppliers work towards agreed performance goals -sharing data, insights and ideas – it leads to decreased risks, unearthing innovation opportunities and optimization of costs. Regardless of the complexities in suppliers' portfolio, SYNE has specialist skills, data, proprietary assets, methodologies, third party data partnerships and technology to help design and implement customised supplier Intelligence solutions that simplify identifying and mitigating risk factors.

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Translate your procurement spend data into savings opportunities, reduce leakages and track savings contributions to the bottom line.

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Supplier Risk

The extent and complexity of recent sourcing and outsourcing arrangements has increased the likelihood of supplier risks.

Supplier Benchmarking

Benchmarking helps analyze market volatility in pricing, supply and demand as it impacts the procurement budget of the organization.