Our mission is to bring billions of
people into the impact economy.

SYNE is a technology company that builds digital financial services infrastructure for the World.
We are connecting individuals, businesses, start-ups, not-for-profits and governments into a unified
platform for their financial well being.

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Access to Financial Services

Expanding access to financial services remains an important challenge across the world.

In many developing countries less than half the population has access to formal financial services with most of Africa the access being less than one in five households. Lack of access to finance is often the critical mechanism for the continuing income inequality, as well as slower economic growth.

If stronger financial systems can promote new-firm entry, enterprise growth, innovation, equilibrium size, and risk reduction it will lead to improved aggregate economic performance. In the long term, economic growth helps reduce poverty and is expected to lift the welfare of most households. Financial services help foster economic growth thereby reducing poverty.

GDP Per Capita 1920 to 2018, World Bank.

Unified solution rooted in Code, Data and Design

At SYNE, we are removing the financial complexity for your financial well-being. We work with financial
institutions, regulators, payment networks and organisations, so that your focus is in your business.

Social Impact

SYNE is focused to help solve the biggest challenges faced by humanity using financial technologies and social impact funding.

Financial Services

SYNE aims to bridge the digital financial services infrastructure and enables funding, climate, lending, banking and investments.

Community First

SYNE has a ‘community-first’ approach to transform the digital financial services by reducing the complexity and barrier of entry for future of finance.


SYNE connects innovative not-for-profits and social enterprises to accelerate sustainable social impact for a better world.

From Start-ups to Non-Profits, Enterprises and Governments

SYNE brings together the unified view of social impact across communities and helps manage, measure and
automate fundraising, secured payments, promoting projects, validating not-for-profits and more.


Enabling Financial Services for everyone.

Who We Are

SYNE is a financial technology company productising on Behavioural Collective Intelligence with an experienced team in the industry. We are very keen to explore opportunities in digital finance to enable the financial well-being of our stakeholders - individuals, businesses, start-ups, not-for-profits and governments.

What We Do

At SYNE, we develop cognitive technologies to improve wisdom of crowds for better financial services. SYNE aims to bridge the gaps in digital financial services infrastructure and enable funding, climate, lending, banking and investments. We follow a ‘technology-first’ approach to transform financial services by reducing the complexity and barrier of entry for the finance of the future.

Collectively we can change this World.

More than 60% of the world’s employed population, about 2 billion are in the informal economy with most in emerging and developing countries. At SYNE, our mission is to bring them into the formal economy for socio-economic protection and financial well-being.


Our Team

We are a FinTech start-up expanding our global footprint with a group of 15+ human minds and 10x machines.

1 Tn

1 Trillion

We are focused on the global impact investing market to enable social change and empower social enterprise.


Our Pledge

SYNE has committed to using 2% of its resource time and financial profits to create sustainable social impact.


Our Operations

SYNE operates in 7 countries across 4 continents with direct market engagements for social impact.

How to Get Started?

About one-fourth of the global population (1.7 billion) are not having access to banking services. Among them half come from the poorest 40% of households within their economy. Lack of education and unemployment form a small part of the picture; the associated costs, distance to services is also contributing factors.

At SYNE, we strive to bridge these gaps using financial technologies and work towards building the finance of tomorrow - in funding, climate, lending, banking or investments. With these SYNE aims to provide affordable, convenient and secure financial services around the world.

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SYNE Foundation

SYNE Foundation is the ideal partner to achieve social impact to all types of enterprises We pool the strengths of our diverse set of stakeholders through our social impact product.

SYNE Careers

SYNE is yet to spread its wings – we are a start-up with a growing team. Presently our team comprises of talented individuals, dedicated to our philosophy.