Impact Investing for a Sustainable World

A social business dollar can be reinvested to create sustainable social impact. SYNE provides a holistic impact investment platform for entrepreneurs to raise funds and investors to invest in measure portfolios.

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SYNE, the Holistic Impact Investment Platform

SYNE Impact Investment platform lets partners raise capital from an investor network dedicated to companies and start-ups focused on sustainable impact. From fundraising and structuring to investor reporting, it provides an end-to-end platform for all investments.

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Impact Investing

Invest in a sustainable investment portfolio of impact enterprises for solving some of society’s biggest challenges such as poverty, education, housing, and sustainable agriculture.

Impact Funds

Personalize impact funds and provide investors the experience they deserve with Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Investor Certification – all streamlined and digital.

Social Innovations

Social innovators tackle interconnected problems and advance solutions from every angle—from disrupting unjust systems and movement building to improving policies and practices.

SYNE Ventures

SYNE helps not-for-profits, start-ups and social entrepreneurs in innovative ways to expand, increase scope and ensure the positive impact is sustainable.

SYNE Impact Investment Network for Investors and Business

Impact investments provide investors with better choices and new opportunities to invest their capital in ways that
provide financial returns and also align with their values. Today, many public and private foundations,
family offices, banks, superannuation funds, insurance companies, governments, fund managers
and individuals co-invest for a greater collective impact.


SYNE helps clients and collaborators embrace the trends, identifying the best opportunities for organisations to define and activate their unique social impact.

Impact First

SYNE helps partners define impact first opportunities for long term strategic plan, access for under-served communities and growing markets with trust.


Share information about an investment opportunity, tailor investment terms, deal flow and update investment documents – all in real time and securely.

Employee Engagement

Employees are the first level of impact and have the potential to be its advocates and today they demand work with and support causes and issues that they care about.


Monitor investment portfolio through our integrated business finance systems and measure stakeholders on the SYNE intuitive platform.


SYNE helps measure impact risks based on multiple industry factors including ESG with risk severity that could impact a company’s enterprise value.

Impact Investing for a Sustainable World

Impact investing can be daunting requiring both financial acumen and philanthropic subject experience - a
rare combination, not to mention unique human resources and other considerations. In an age when social
entrepreneurs, technology and connectivity have redefined the potential to improve people’s lives, impact
investing offers great potential and is ideal for linking the power of markets with the passion a to do good.

Most philanthropic issues have an impact investment opportunity attached and virtually every asset class used in a traditional investment portfolio has an impact equivalent. Financial advisors lack expertise in the social aspects of impact investing and vice-versa. A new breed of advisors with experience in blending philanthropy and investment is emerging making technology platforms like SYNE inevitable to bridge the gaps to achieve the long-term goals and financial returns.

SYNE Impact Investing

Impact investing, which seeks to generate social environmental benefits while delivering a financial return, is expanding as a promising tool for both investors and philanthropists. Some estimates value the current impact investing market at nearly $9 trillion in the US and a 1% shift in global capital market of U$300 Trillion towards impact investing could cover the $2.5 trillion annual funding gap for United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Deal Flows and Strategies

The supply of investment opportunities offering scale, impact and financial return, falls short of demand at times, resulting in impact investors experiencing frustration finding deals that fit both their investment criteria and their philanthropic orientation. Today, SYNE is resolving this major gap in the deal flows by connecting all stake holders in a holistic impact investment platform. Once an investment is made, the systems help monitor investments and identify an attractive exit strategy.


As impact investing gains traction among a wider range of investors, efforts to codify impact measurement have been amplified. While there have been great strides in standards for impact investment performance, SYNE is working towards a better industry standard of impact measurement, which has proven difficult. SYNE measures the impact based on sectors, investments and social impact across different spheres of life, approaches, and sources of capital as well as re-defining the social impact and assessment approaches from investor-specific to impact specific based on different demographic elements.

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SYNE makes things happen by weaving technology along with a human touch, providing for all requirements in digital financial services and helps design customised packages for businesses.

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Social Impact

SYNE provides a borderless social impact platform to help raise funds, personalized communities and share common interest stories.


SYNE helps partners manage finance - accounting, invoicing, billing, subscriptions, recurring payments and payroll in a Unified Platform.