Half of humanity lack the
life-changing benefits.

Nearly 45% of the world’s population don’t have access to internet. That means almost half of humanity aren’t even aware of the life-changing benefits of connectivity. Digitalization of financial services, for individuals and organizations helps reduce costs and opens up new markets and livelihood opportunities for the underprivileged population.

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Let’s change lives for the better.

At SYNE, the mission is to enable customers with technology for digital financial services - digitizing payments, green finance for lending and investments and applying transactional insights to estimate income, evaluate risk and financial well being.

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Financial Identity

Ensuring funds reach the needy by the usage of digital financial services and educating them in financial literacy.

Impact Funding

Addressing acute issues using Impact Funding to harness resources, changing the lives of almost 795 million people.

Green Finance

Achieving sustainability goals in lending and investment through greener financial system.

Financial Infrastructure

Opportunities arise when people and devices connect. We call it 'Collective Intelligence' for economic growth.

Moving to a Greener Financial System

Digitalization of small businesses strengthens productivity and improves their effective
access to finance, financial stability, socially responsible economic growth through
credit reporting, secured transactions and debt resolution.

Impact Investing

The SYNE platform enables Impact investing to solve society’s biggest challenges using affordable housing and sustainable agriculture.

Digital Finance

SYNE aims to transform 2.5 billion adults transacting exclusively in cash, due to lack of effective access to formal financial services.

Social Finance

Over 40% of MSMEs in least developed countries face challenges in obtaining financing, as compared to 30% in middle-income countries.

Credit Infrastructure

SYNE enables credit data for the unbanked population, ensuring they are not financially excluded to avail financial services and products.

Financial Literacy

Awareness of basic financial offerings helps individuals and MSMEs understand the value of access to the financial system, leading to better money management.

Empowering people

Funds earmarked for social causes often end up in wrong hands ; digital financial services and identity verification hold the key to security in the financial chain.

Promoting Social Innovations in Financial Inclusion

SYNE is exploring and developing financial products across new markets which often benefit the most marginalised
communities across the world. As a technology-driven financial technology company and with its non-profit
foundation SYNE is uniquely positioned to build, test, and measure the impact of new products and innovations to
expand opportunity for underserved people and communities and to increase global financial access.

SYNE is building financial inclusion products in partnership with our global partners by practicing and promoting
new approaches to social impact measurement, financial technology, and impact investing. Our objective is to make
these financial products suit the individual needs, adapting to changing circumstances.

Movito allows people and social circles to lend small amounts of money directly to founders and entrepreneurs. It is the first direct micro lending service to link borrowers and lenders across international borders without a local micro-finance intermediary. Movito is giving small loans, not donations - allowing your money to be in circles and create a personal impact across the world through a verified beneficiary network.

Movito collaborates across the financial services sector to create societal purpose, encouraging inclusivity and diversity, changing perceptions of the sector to leverage its influence to drive greater social good.

Financial Inclusion with SYNE

Financial inclusion is about making financial products and services accessible and affordable to the needy. SYNE partners with founders and innovators looking to change the world, eager to have their ideas turn into reality.

Financial Exclusion in the Modern World

Financial exclusion affects people from a wide range of demographics: old , young, women, those with special needs/ having mental health challenges and everyone on a low income. People locked out of the “mainstream” financial system, are often penalised and have to pay more for everyday services and products. A typical scenario is Limited Digital Accessibility wherein people are unable to access cheaper online prices, while being exposed to higher-cost credits which has greater chances of becoming trapped in spiraling debt.

Why Financial Inclusion is important for a better world?

Improving financial inclusion is morally the right thing to do, and there are economic and business benefits to be won as well. It helps customers achieve improved financial and non-financial well-being, whilst also improving their credit-worthiness. It is a way to attract new customers. It demonstrates sustainability credentials to shareholders and engages employees. There is an opportunity to engage employees by raising awareness about financial inclusion and suggesting ways to get involved. Improving financial resilience of employees can increase productivity, reduce absence, heighten job satisfaction and enhance the sense of pride in their organisation.

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