Collectively we can
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SYNE helps you analyse and measure social impact based on your actions and enable you offset it with sustainable impact projects, challenges, and events in autopilot.

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We’re SYNE, the Borderless Social Impact Platform

We’re working towards a future where all our actions would result in sustainable impact. SYNE connects individuals with innovative not-for-profits and business enterprises to accelerate sustainable social impact for a better world.

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Financial Health

SYNE assists you analyse and measure social impact from your financial decisions and automate it for a positive impact and financial wellbeing.

Personal Behaviour

SYNE helps select right choices for your products, services, clothing, furniture, food from sustainable companies which are creating positive impact.


Collectively, citizens have two superpowers – our votes and wallets, and SYNE enables to innovate your way towards sustainable investments.

Circular Economy

Your everyday choices create a larger impact on our living ecosystems and SYNE helps you navigate a sustainable lifestyle for circular economy.

Measure your Social Impact on Autopilot

Collectively, citizens have the power to change the living ecosystem using behavioural actions. We the borrowers
from future generations on natural resources should make responsible investing decisions to protect humanity.
SYNE helps measure your social impact seamlessly in autopilot – saving energy, reducing waste, and
choosing sustainable products.


Many of your actions adversely impact the planet - SYNE helps attain sustainable consumption doing more with less, creating a driving force for a circular economy.

Climate Change

SYNE enables you to be catalyst of change by making societies and people more resilient through the transition on decarbonisation for a green economy.


In a rapidly deteriorating scenario, SYNE helps you restore the very foundations of our ecosystem to improve livelihood and economy.

Health and Wellness

SYNE supports projects that work towards improving the healthcare system and its accessibility to all, as it is essential for the holistic development of humanity.

Diversity and Inclusion

SYNE helps you connect with socially responsible organisations and communities to integrate people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, age, disability and more.

Sustainable Communities

SYNE connects you with social citizens and organisations, enabling self-sustainable communities carry out projects, challenges, and events for social development.

Synergize Ideas and Giving into Sustainable Impact

Collectively, let us create exponential change through impact engagements by synergizing your ideas
with generous social giving. It is communities that make progress and SYNE is the ideal platform to
enable the behavioural change connecting all stakeholders through our unified platform ensuring
accountability, responsibility, and transparency.

Sustainable Living for Green Planet

Each year, an estimated one third of all food produced – equivalent to 1.3 billion tonnes worth around $1 trillion – is destined to rot in consumers and retailers bins or gets spoilt due to poor transportation and harvesting practices. Once the global population reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles.

What is Social Impact?

Social impact is the net effect of any positive change that solves or addresses a social challenge in a community for the well-being of people and planet. Collectively, our small changes in daily life can make a big impact to our environment and ecosystems. We can achieve positive change through impact projects, challenges, events and in our personal preferences of products and services.

Sustainable impact engagements have a competitive advantage and advocates the efforts are not one-off. Almost 90% of millennials say they will switch to a cause-branded product when choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, and 51% of global consumers will pay extra for products and services committed to positive social and environmental impact.

Why Social Impact measurement?

SYNE provides you the necessary technology tools to analyse, measure and mitigate the personal social impact - tools that helps in setting targets, offset emissions and in the creation of a positive impact flow through a complex value chain as well as synergizing the effects. SYNE unified platform provides you accountability and transparency for all your actions for creating sustainable social impact.

Ready to measure?

SYNE helps in making things happen by weaving technology with human touch, providing all the needs in sustainable social impact. Explore SYNE or create an account instantly and start creating your social impact.

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Engage and Measure

Exclusive opportunities for you to engage in volunteering, building your own circles and sustainable giving to create a positive social impact on people and communities.

SYNE Rewards

Gain rewards for all your positive behaviour, social impact engagements across borders and redeem it for sustainable products and services with SYNE Impact Partners.