Unified Platform for your Financial Health

SYNE bridges your financial behaviour with sustainable impact and helps navigate your financial wellbeing with transparency and accountability. Start your SYNE+ subscription for just $1.99 per month, i.e. less than what it takes for a coffee.

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SYNE, synergizing Financial Behaviour with Impact

We help you manage your financial behaviour – budgeting, managing, payments, subscriptions, investments with sustainable social impact through our unified platform. Enjoy the unified system that automates everyday financial tasks and helps you select financial products and services with impact scores while remaining compliant.

Financial Health

Manage everyday financials with SYNE, including your credit, debt, savings, mortgages, subscriptions, investments, income, and tax with an impact measurement.

Green Finance

SYNE connects you with green financial services providers with a sustainability focus to finance borrowings for environmentally friendly products and services.

Sustainable Equity

SYNE helps identify, manage, and monitor your financial investments creating a net positive sustainable impact for our planet and overall prosperity.

Behavioural Insights

Leverage SYNE analytics based on your personal financial behaviour to get valuable insights on income, expenses, investments, assets, liabilities, net worth, savings, and impact.

We Simplify Finance for Your Well-being

Sensible planning is vital to organizing your finances and SYNE is committed to simplify the complexities for your
personal financial wellbeing. Right from budgeting to multi-currency transactions, split payments to group
payments, savings to investments, we help measure the social impact through out your journey and help
you identify the best impact offset options.


Manage financial budget for the future using SYNE and track your income, expenses, and financial obligations with forecasts to set your own savings baseline.


Analyse personal spending patterns by SYNE behavioural insights to know your spends, thereby helping to curb unwanted expenses and save for rainy days.


SYNE eases strain on your financial health and keeps it track, automating payments for subscriptions and utilities with few clicks; reminders for overdue payments.


SYNE helps collect your income and pay your expenses in multi-currency, in autopilot using card less, cards and direct payments with 3D secure authentications.


SYNE has embedding financial marketplace through its unified impact platform to help you identify and choose sustainable financial products and services.


SYNE Tax helps calculate your personal income tax based on income, expenses, investments and access the reports to be filed for your annual returns.

Financial Services for Sustainable Impact

Financial Services play a key role in our economic system and a majority of our personal consumption
is enabled through financial services and banking eco-system. Yet, financial institutions enable more
negative impact through funding and financing companies which are not sustainable. A robust financial
sector is important and is a catalyst for sustainability.

Synergizing Digital Finance for Financial Inclusion

A recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute says that within a decade, Digital finance could benefit billions, spurring inclusive growth and adding $3.7 trillion to the GDP of emerging economies. There is growing evidence of financial inclusion creating more stable financial systems and economies, mobilizing domestic resources through national savings, and helping to boost government revenue.

Why Is Personal Finance Important?

Personal finance is a vital in managing your day-to-day financial needs and a necessity for planning financial future. The more control you have on personal finance, the better are your long-term financial prospects for investing or planning for retirement. It is better to understand the elements of personal finance early so to utilise the opportunities and improve your personal finances.

What are the Fundamental Principles of Personal Finance?

Personal finance is important for managing your money through budgeting, income, spending, investing, savings and protecting yourself from financial risks. This includes long-term planning that considers potential financial risks, investments and how financial situations evolves over the lifetime of an individual.

Why SYNE+ is the right choice for your financial wellbeing?

SYNE helps you navigate through financial wellbeing journey through Unified Platform for Financial Health, with a low subscription cost. It is important to gain sustainability on our own personal financials to enable a larger impact for the collective communities. SYNE+ automates everyday finances, tasks, automates bank feeds to make reconciliation fast, secure, and easy for your transactions.

Ready to Measure?

SYNE makes things happen by weaving technology with human touch, providing all the needs in sustainable social impact. Explore SYNE or create an account instantly and start creating your social impact.

Impact Investing

SYNE helps in identifying prospective impact investing opportunities for founders and investors with a passion for building sustainable future innovations.

SYNE Rewards

Gain rewards for all your positive behaviour, social impact engagements across borders and redeem it for sustainable products and services with SYNE Impact Partners.