Social Impact

Analyse and measure your social impact based on behavior and we will help you offset it through sustainable impact projects, challenges, and events in autopilot.

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Engage and Measure

Exclusive opportunities for you to engage in volunteering, building your own circles and sustainable giving to create a positive social impact on people and communities.

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Sustainable Finance

We are bridging your personal finance with sustainable impact and helps you navigate through your financial wellbeing journey with transparency and accountability.

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Impact Investing

SYNE helps in identifying prospective impact investing opportunities for founders and investors with a passion for building sustainable future innovations.

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SYNE Rewards

Gain rewards for all your positive social impact engagements across borders and redeem rewards for products and services with SYNE Impact Partners.

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Health and Wellness

SYNE helps to add extra boost to the impact economy through your health and wellness, which can then be utilised for your sustainable social impact journey.

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Bridging Intelligent Communities with Sustainable Impact

SYNE is focused in solving some of the biggest challenges in the world by connecting intelligent, innovative communities with our Unified Social Impact Platform. We make it happen by weaving technology with human touch.

We help you be the changemaker in your community and organisation by driving social impact projects, challenges, events and build sustainable communities to bring like-minded humans.

Supercharge your sustainable impact by embedding social giving into the payroll and get competitive match funding from employers, investors, and organisations in autopilot.

Harness the power of crowd to spread social impact stories of unsung heroes, innovations across your network and gain support for your sustainable impact initiatives.

Your overall wellness depends on your financial health – manage, monitor, and measure your everyday finances and take care of your debt using the unified impact platform.

Invest your time and money in socially responsible organisations focused on people, planet, and prosperity through sustainable impact engagements.

SYNE provide you exclusive tools to measure and analyse your personal social impact based on personal behaviour, and within communities in autopilot.

SYNE, the Unified Platform for People, Planet and Prosperity

SYNE bring together the unified view of your social impact across communities and helps you manage, measure, and automate your impact offsets in autopilot. We help you build meaningful relationships among your networks while delighting your supporters with the real impact of your work.

Sustainable Impact

SYNE connect you with innovative not-for-profits and social enterprises to accelerate your impact engagements for a better world.

Impact Investing

SYNE help you reach the market for sustainable investments, products and services that can deliver measurable benefits.

SYNE Circles

Build communities for innovative thinking to solve the global challenges and overcome limitations by harnessing the power of crowd.

Global, Borderless

SYNE is a borderless social impact platform which will help you measure and offset your impact from any place in the world.


Manage Social Impact in 3 Easy Steps!



Measure your Personal Social Impact



Offset Impact with Time and Money



Get your positive impact in autopilot

Collectively we can create a Sustainable Future

We cannot create a sustainable world all alone, we need communities to collectively work towards building a better future for generations.

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Sustainability is more than just looking through the Environmental, Social and Governance lens. We need a broader vision to solve some of most challenging issues in our planet. It all starts with our own behaviour – consumption, spends, investments and the influence on our communities.

The impact we create as individuals is not limited and depends on our treatment of peers, diversity, inclusion, racial and social justice. We can influence the ways our savings can be invested in socially responsible investing that are more sustainable, responsible and impact linked.

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SYNE Pledge

SYNE has pledged 2% of its licenses, employee time and financial profits to create sustainable social impact.


SYNE Impact

SYNE is focused on the global social impact investing market to enable social change and empower social enterprises.


Currencies Supported

SYNE supports transactions in over 135+ currencies through trusted, safe and secure payment networks.


Our Coverage

SYNE operations are spread worldwide across 4 continents in 7 countries and offer 24/7 support in 26 countries.

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Experience is everything - we make it happen by weaving technology with human touch, providing with the requirements for a sustainable future.

We would be delighted to partner you in creating your own social impact engagements or in joining an impact community to participate with changemakers across borders. Collectively we can change this World.

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SYNE Careers

SYNE is yet to spread its wings – we are a start-up with a growing team. Presently our team comprises of talented individuals, dedicated to our philosophy.

SYNE Foundation

SYNE Foundation connects innovative non-profits and social enterprises to accelerate collective philanthropic impact through our social impact product.