Impact Investing for a Sustainable World

A social business dollar can be reinvested to create sustainable social impact. SYNE provides a holistic impact investment platform for entrepreneurs to raise funds as well as investors to choose measurable portfolios.

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SYNE, Impact Investing for Planet and Prosperity

SYNE Impact Investment platform lets partners raise capital from an investor network dedicated to companies and start-ups focused on sustainable impact. From fundraising and structuring to investor reporting, we provide an end-to-end platform for all impact investments.


SYNE connects founders with impact investors to raise capital for creating impact and helps solve some of the biggest challenges of the society like education, housing, agriculture etc.

Social Innovations

Social innovators tackle interconnected problems and advance solutions from all angles, right from disrupting unjust systems and movement building to improving policies and practices.

Impact Networks

SYNE impact investing has the potential to create paradigm shift in the capital markets, adding impact as the primary dimension to profits and transform our society for the better.

SYNE Angels

Join SYNE Angels, a new community of impact angel investors with a special focus on impact start-ups to invest, mentor and help you drive diversity and inclusion.

SYNE Impact Investment Network for Founders and Investors

Today, many public and private foundations, family offices, pension funds, insurance companies, governments,
fund managers and individuals co-invest for a greater collective impact. Impact investment provides investors
with better choices and new opportunities to invest their capital in ways that provide financial returns
and align with their social values.


SYNE helps entrepreneurs and change makers embrace the trends, identifying the best opportunities to create prosperity to benefit the world we live in.


SYNE provides insights to analyse investments, allocations, risk and return of investment portfolios to measure based on sustainability standards.


Augment your impact investments to nurture a sustainable ecosystem focused on net positive engagements without conceding your financial returns.

Impact Insights

SYNE provides advanced impact analytics based on multiple industry factors including ESG with risk severity that could impact a company’s enterprise value.

SYNE Accelerator

SYNE Accelerator helps not-for-profits, start-ups, and social entrepreneurs use innovative methods to expand, increase scope, ensuring sustainable positive impact.

Mentor Networks

SYNE mentoring circles are exclusive for entrepreneurs and change makers, connecting leading investors and founders from reputable, innovative organisations.

Impact Investing for a Sustainable World

Impact investing can be daunting requiring both financial acumen and philanthropic subject experience
- a rare combination, not to mention unique human resources and other considerations. In an age when
social entrepreneurs, technology and connectivity have redefined the potential to improve people’s lives,
impact investing offers great potential and is ideal for linking the power of markets with a passion to do good.

Venture Philanthropy for Sustainability

Most philanthropic issues have an impact investment opportunity attached and virtually every asset class used in a traditional investment portfolio has an impact equivalent. Financial advisors lack expertise in social aspects of impact investing and vice-versa. A new breed of advisors with experience in blending philanthropy, investments are emerging, making technology platforms like SYNE inevitable to bridge gaps to achieve the long-term goals and financial returns.

What is Impact Investing?

Impact Investing directs financial capital to social enterprises that generate social or environmental benefits through sustainable projects and challenges - affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, healthcare clinics that traditional business models often overlook. A sustainable and resilient economy prioritises human well-being, social equity, and protection of environment. The health, sustainability and stability of the economy is inextricably linked with its people, societies as well as the natural ecosystems, which are inter-dependent.

Impact Opportunities

The supply of investment opportunities offering scale, impact and financial return, falls short of demand at times, resulting in impact investors experiencing frustration finding deals that fit both their investment criteria and their philanthropic orientation. SYNE helps resolve this gap by connecting all stake holders in a holistic impact investment platform. Once an investment is made, SYNE has systems that monitor investments and navigate you to identify an attractive exit strategy.

Impact Measurements

As impact investing gains traction among a wider range of investors, efforts to codify impact measurement have been amplified. While there have been great strides in standards for impact investment performance, SYNE is working towards a better industry standard of impact measurement, which has hitherto proven difficult. SYNE measures the impact based on sectors, investments, and social impact across different spheres of life, approaches, and sources of capital as well as re-defining the social impact and assessment approaches from investor-specific to impact specific based on different demographic elements.

Ready to Get Started

SYNE makes things happen by weaving technology with human touch, providing all the needs in sustainable social impact. Explore SYNE or create an account instantly and start creating your social impact.

Sustainable Finance

We are bridging your personal finance with sustainable impact and help you navigate through your financial wellbeing journey with transparency and accountability.

Social Impact

Analyse and measure your social impact based on behaviour and we will help you offset it with sustainable impact projects, challenges, and events in autopilot.